Green marketing addresses environmental awareness of consumer
Date: 15/07/2019
Writer: Webmaster
Consumers are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. People have started to recycle their waste more and purchase green alternatives to common products in order to save the planet. Eco-friendly products are often more expensive than their generic counterparts, but some consumers are willing to pay for sustainability.

Companies that embrace this trend are employing green marketing tactics to get more consumers to buy their products. By acknowledging social responsibility and the plight of the environment, these businesses are influencing the purchasing habits of consumers. Green marketing is a valuable tool for eco-friendly businesses and products.

What is green marketing?

To put it simply, green marketing is the process of highlighting the environmental benefits of a product or service in order to get more consumers to buy it. Words such as ‘organic’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘recyclable’ are boldly branded across the product.

Brands that use green marketing tactics are proud of their mission to save the planet. They will often mention how they have changed their practices from being revenue-driven to environmentally aware. Their aim is to minimise the negative impacts of the business of the environment.

Why use green marketing?

There are various reasons why businesses choose to ‘go green’. The first major reason is to make business practices more sustainable and to be kinder to the planet. Some companies choose to go green in order to reduce expenses, such as packaging, transportation and water usage.

Businesses will use green marketing to demonstrate their social responsibility. The marketing tactic also highlights how safe a product can be for the user, noting that there are no harmful chemicals present. Green marketing is a good way to show that a business cares about its consumers and the environment.

How to become a green business

For companies to be considered green (and able to use green marketing), there are certain changes that need to be made. These are some of the most common ways that brands go green:

  • Launch eco-friendly product
  • Use eco-friendly packaging (recyclable or made from biodegradable materials)
  • Do away with packaging altogether
  • Make product recyclable or biodegradable
  • Use green energy in the production of product (solar power)
  • Make product from recycled materials
  • Choose to only sell product locally to cut down transport costs

Brands can also decide to participate in recycling initiatives and be more conscious of their waste disposal practices. Some companies like to donate money or their services to environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Green companies also take on the responsibility of educating their consumers about the environment and why it is necessary to care, through green marketing efforts.

How to integrate green marketing into a strategy

Companies that embrace the environment can easily integrate green marketing into their existing strategies. The first step is to use the regular marketing platforms (social media, online, radio, television etc.) to start communicating a green message. This doesn’t require a change in the method of marketing, simply a change in the message.

Another way to implement green marketing is to promote the environmentally-friendly aspects of the company at all points of consumer contact, such as the website, point-of-sale or newsletter. The purpose is to educate consumers about the green initiatives put in place at the company.

Some green businesses like to partner with other like-minded companies for cross-promotion. This is a mutually-beneficial marketing tactic that is used ‘for the greater good’ of the planet. Marketing efforts can draw attention to eco-friendly practices and community initiatives undertaken by the partnership.

Green marketing requires a change in mindset

Green marketing is not only about promoting eco-friendly products and highlighting environmental benefits of a business. It involves a complete change in mindset and an overhaul of business processes.

Companies will have to change their methods of manufacturing, adjust their existing marketing campaigns and overhaul their approach to waste. Green marketing is about satisfying consumer needs whilst also minimising harm to the environment.

Being green needs to become part of the company’s core identity. The business needs to be totally committed to the environment in order for green marketing to work. The benefits are certainly worth the effort. It has been found that green brands are perceived to be more trustworthy by consumers – and brand loyalty can go a long way in boosting sales and profits.

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