Five steps to building a bond between brand and consumer
Date: 15/07/2019
Writer: Danie

Brands are built on loyalty and desire. The consumer should trust the brand and want its products. This is achieved through attracting the customer, engaging with them and building strong bonds between brand and consumer.

A good brand is a memorable one. By engaging directly with consumers, a brand can make its mark and impact the consumer’s life. Here are five ways to build a bond between your brand and your customer:

Know what the consumer wants

A good brand will know their target market intimately. It will know what the consumer wants and why. Through engagement and careful studying of the target market, a brand can get the answers they need in order to better understand their customers. Brands should aim to answer the consumer’s questions before they even ask it. Start to interact with your consumers and find out what they really want and how your brand can help them.

Make it easy for the consumer

Everything your brand does should be aimed at making the consumer’s life easier. Whether it is making a purchase online, booking a ticket or finding an email address, the customer should never have to work when doing business with your brand. A simple process makes for a happy customer. Tell your target market how to buy your product and make the steps simple and fast. They’ll appreciate the efficiency and return to your brand again and again.

Be responsive

Too many brands claim to be responsive. When consumers ask questions on your website or social media channels, try to reply to them within a day. Consumers appreciate honest feedback and swift responses to their queries. Follow up on these responses and ask the customer if they are happy with the interaction. Take criticism and make an effort to rectify any grievances with people as this will protect your reputation as a trustworthy brand.

Keep it simple

Don’t try too hard when it comes to branding, website design and product packaging. Simple is almost always better. If the consumer struggles to read your website because there are too many animations, weird fonts and bright colours, they will simply leave and never come back. Branding includes everything that the consumer sees. Keep your website simple and easy to use. The same goes for product packaging. It should be well-designed and easy to recognise.

Quality wins every time

The first thing a consumer wants from a brand is quality – more value for their money. You need to deliver a quality product or service and back it up with a satisfying customer experience. Consumers take about three seconds to determine if a product is high-quality or not. You can make this process quicker by telling them why your offering is the best through simple adverts and call-to-action buttons.

A bad user or customer experience will kill the bond with a brand. Work hard to ensure the five steps above are cemented into your branding and company culture. Looking after the consumer is the only way to build a strong, trustworthy relationship with the consumer.

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