What does it take to design a striking book cover?
Category: Design
Date: 05/07/2019
Writer: Danie

A book cover is the equivalent of a product’s packaging. A great cover needs to be appealing and eye-catching in order to make the book stand out on the shelf. The cover can make or break a book – if it does not make the consumer want to pick it up, the book will never sell.

Good book cover design is appropriate to the contents within the pages and finds expression in a well-executed visual format. The cover design should provoke a specific reaction from the reader and create a layered meaning.

Design helps to tell the story – a successfully-designed book cover will convey the tone of the story. The cover should add to the book, not take something away. Ultimately, the book cover should hint at what to expect from the story and make readers want to open the pages or click on the thumbnail when browsing online.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent van Gogh.

Book cover design offerings

At Flame Design, we know how to make your book stand out. We have a track record spanning over 20 years of original book cover designs for many publishing clients. The path to a striking cover design begins with a good brief. Here are a few elements to consider when drawing up a creative brief:

  • Brand/author/imprint
  • Description or synopsis of the story
  • Book size, spine width, print specifications
  • Literary genre
  • Target audience
  • Central themes and characters
  • Copy supplied (e.g. title, subtitle, blurbs, shouts)
  • ISBN supplied
  • Mandatory requirements
  • Design guidelines and suggestions
  • Deadlines for presentation
  • Additional background information

We normally start the creative process by compiling a series of mood boards to open up a creative discussion around the design process. We find that clients gravitate towards specific treatments or images during this stage.

We then present a minimum of three creative concepts. Our in-house photographic studio, coupled with experienced typographic and illustration skills makes for a high first-time hit ratio.

Visit our book cover design section, that represent our track record of original book cover designs for various publishing clients.

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