Flame Design offers combined digital packages
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Date: 16/07/2019
Writer: Danie

Flame Design uses tried-and-tested content marketing strategies and SEO techniques to build an audience and drive traffic to our partners’ websites. We use a combination of content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media strategies to encourage digital growth.

Our packages have been created from years of experience in the online sphere. We know what works for creating engagement on web pages and what kind of content will grow your audience. Our combined packages of content production, social media marketing, SEO and Google AdWord campaigns will boost business for your company through your website.

Flame Design will also track the performance of your website and provide you with monthly feedback reports. We’ll show you your growth curve and analyse your website data so that you can better understand what your audience is looking for.

Content marketing strategy

Content and SEO go hand-in-hand. Google’s algorithm for search result rankings changes often, but the one constant is the fact that content is king. High-quality content will improve your Google rankings and website traffic numbers.

Your website needs to rank on the first page of Google’s results if you want any traffic, and that comes down to SEO. We use a native digital content marketing model to create custom content and specialised SEO strategies to grow your website audience. We also use social media to increase brand awareness and visibility for your business.

We source news and content related to your industry and create original articles for your website. We’ll share this content on your social media channels and target the right audience for your business.

How do our digital packages work?

By combining multiple digital strategies into tailored packages, we can offer our services to anyone with a website – big or small. Whether you run a small online business or have a large organisation, we have a package that will work for you.

Our packages are tailored to your needs and budget. A set-up fee is needed to create your Google Analytics account, an AdWords account and social media pages (if you don’t have these already). We’ll also create a content strategy and conduct monthly analysis and assessment of your content.

We offer different content bundles that range in price and give you varying numbers of published articles on your website every month. We pair the content bundles with social media management and Google AdWord campaigns, maximising your return on investment.

We’ll break down your website statistics in easy-to-read monthly reports, giving you regular updates on the growth of your website. We thrive on the growth of our partners’ audiences and take pride in the content we produce for you. Our strategies have been proven time and time again to increase traffic to sites through a combination of services.

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