How to improve your digital marketing efforts
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Date: 15/07/2019
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It can be incredibly frustrating when your digital marketing efforts aren’t paying off. Spending hours on creating content and marketing promotions online, without seeing any returns, can be disheartening. Digital marketing is a tricky profession to master, but there ways in which you can improve your performance almost immediately.

The internet is such a competitive space in which to do business. Your target market is likely to see hundreds of adverts in a week, many of which are for products or services similar to yours. So how do you make your online marketing campaigns stand out from the crowd? Follow these tips on how to improve your digital marketing efforts, and start building an invested audience for your business.

Leverage video content

The first tip is to start using more video content on your website and social media channels. Video is the new preferred medium for marketing. Internet users are far more likely to watch a video than they are to read a few paragraphs about the same product or service.

Watching a video requires no effort. It can get a message across successfully without the audience having to do much. If you can produce a well-composed and edited video for your business offering, you’ll manage to capture more potential customers.

Videos also rank higher on search engines. Written articles need to have great search engine optimisation (SEO) woven throughout the content, whereas videos don’t. Google often features videos at the top of it’s rankings, especially for instructional or DIY-style content. YouTube also helps to boost your video’s ranking, so upload it to this popular platform for maximum leverage.

Create a customer retention funnel

It’s a fact that digital marketing is slowly getting more expensive, year-on-year. By using third-party websites, such as ClickFunnels, you can create a customer retention funnel. This is the process of converting online visitors into paying customers.

By creating a customer retention funnel, you will lead the visitors down an easy path to buying your product or service. This results is more revenue per website visitor. The aim should be to make it seamless and easy for the audience to find an purchase a product, with as few steps involved in the process as possible.

Customer retention funnels can also be set up on your social media channels. By promoting your offerings on social platforms, customers can click straight through to your website’s product page with ease. Having a successful customer retention funnel will also give your business more expendable income to spend on digital marketing campaigns.

Have guests post on your website

If you’re struggling to build an audience and attract traffic to your website, think about paying a popular blogger to create a piece of content for your site. The blogger’s audience is likely to check out their post on your website, bringing in new and organic traffic.

Alternatively, you can approach other successful websites with well-written content to link back to your website. Some companies will be happy to start a link-sharing web with your business as it can be a mutually-beneficial practice. Backlinks from other sites can help to boost Google rankings, so many websites will oblige with link requests.

Take an omni-channel approach

Whatever your preferred marketing tactic, take an omni-channel approach and start leveraging all of them. Many websites rely on one good marketing tactic, be it SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, email marketing or growth hacking. Start using all of these approaches to maximise your reach and website ranking.

Optimise for conversions

It’s important to optimise your website for conversions – the process of turning an online visitor into a paying customer. To do this, you need to start by seeing where users click the most on your website. Tools such as Crazy Egg will generate a heatmap of clicks on your website to show you which sections on-screen get the most clicks.

This will enable you to position call-to-action (CTA) buttons or product purchase offerings in the optimal place on your website. By placing buttons and links to products in popular sections of your website, you can maximise on the clicks in those spaces.

Another tip for optimising your website is to include a subscribe button. If you publish content regularly, you can encourage users to subscribe to your site or sign up to receive a newsletter. By doing so, you can collect the email addresses of your audience and get them to return to your site whenever you post new content or release a newsletter.

It takes time to get an audience to convert into paying customers. Most people won’t purchase a product if they’re visiting your site for the first time. By getting them to return to your site again and again, eventually some of them will convert. It is important to nurture your traffic and optimise your website for these conversions.

These tips and tools will immediately improve your digital marketing efforts. Allow Flame Design to take care of your digital and SEO requirements. We can boost your website rankings through content marketing and build an invested audience for your business.

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