Flame partners with Iziko Museums for the launch of the Digital Dome
Category: Production
Date: 09/07/2019
Writer: Danie
Flame Design has a long-established partnership with Iziko Museums South Africa, working on projects such as publications, video production, brand identity and outdoor advertising. More recently, Flame Design had the privilege of partnering with Iziko to produce an educational video for the launch of their newly-built Planetarium and Digital Dome. The purpose of the video was to showcase the innovative, creative and technological capabilities of this world-class facility in the heart of Cape Town.

The video demonstrates how science, art and education can merge to create a unique environment of edutainment. Even local celebrities were involved in the production of the video; the voice-over artist is Zolani Mahola, lead singer of the popular local band Freshlyground.

Flame Design conceptualised, directed, edited and produced the video. The team also commissioned the copywriting and sourced the voice-over artist. The entire project took three months to complete, from the conception and brief stages through production to final delivery. The infographic below outlines the process clearly.

Iziko Planetarium Video

Where: Iziko Museums of South Africa – Planetarium
What: Title – Seeing Things Differently: The Dawn Of A Digital Era. Creation of a five-minute promotional video for the launch of the new Iziko Planetarium.
Outsources involved: Libra Vision: (video editor – Stephan Versveld), Gavin Ford (copywriter), Zolani (voice-over artist)

Feedback from Iziko Museums of South Africa

“Partnering with Flame has been key in promoting the Iziko brand through design, print and production over a number of years,” says Director of Advancement at Iziko Museums of South Africa, Susan Glanville-Zini.

“Their creativity and excellent design capability has ensured that the Iziko Annual Report has become a benchmark in the culture and heritage sector in South Africa. They are thoroughly professional and dedicated to producing materials to deadline,” she explains.

“Most importantly, they listen to what we require, and then balance our needs with their recommendations and expertise. And their consistency and the trust that they have built throughout this relationship is what keeps us using Flame,” says Glanville-Zini.

Iziko Planetarium Digital Dome

The fulldome immersive theatre is a pinnacle of knowledge, insight and edutainment. It features high-resolution, three-dimensional image projection technology that gives visitors a multi-sensory experience.

“As part of the upgraded South African Museum, the new Iziko Planetarium [features] as one of the African continent’s foremost centres of excellence for heritage, biodiversity and science,” says CEO of Iziko Museums of South Africa, Rooksana Omar.

“This type of partnership, between museums, academia and government illustrates the value, significance and impact of collaboration in creating synergies between generating knowledge and providing platforms of expression and innovation,” she says.

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