Direct mail advertising
Date: 15/07/2019
Writer: Webmaster
Direct mail is a form of direct response advertising where the audience connects one-on-one with the brand. There is no retailer, wholesaler or advertising agency between the consumer and the product or brand. The purpose of direct advertising is to incite an immediate response to the offering by tapping into a personal connection.

Direct mail advertising includes emails and letters in the post. The consumer receives a message, addressed directly to them by name. The emails encourage the receiver to click on a link to the product page or special offering. Direct mail is the third biggest advertising medium after television and newspapers.

Problems and solutions with direct mail advertising

Most email users have spam filters activated on their emailing software, which makes it more difficult to explain the offering to potential customers. Most direct mails look and sound the same, which is why receivers delete them immediately or never open them. The subject lines are often falsely personal which annoys receivers.

To solve these problems, advertisers and marketers need to make the benefit of opening the mail worth it. Promises and experiences need to be lived up to. The goal is to make a real impact, rather than simply send the promotion to a wide audience. The call-to-action also needs to be simple – internet users don’t have time or effort to go through long processes just to see the offering.

A successful direct mail campaign needs to do the following:

  • Catch the receiver’s attention
  • Stimulate interest and desire by proving the benefits of the offering
  • Overcome the receiver’s scepticism and objections
  • Have a strong call-to-action
  • Invoke an immediate response that is convenient for the receiver
  • Transcend the realm of spam and avoid the email trash can by making the content unique
  • Attributes of a good direct mail advert

Not all direct mail adverts are equal – some are far more creative than others. The design of the advert must work in conjunction with the language to grab the receiver’s attention immediately. It should stand out in their inbox and make them curious.

The subject line should work like a headline and draw the receiver in – making them want to open the email and see what’s in store for them. Think of the direct mail advert like a letter and a gift to your friend. The language you use in the mail should be friendly and sincere.

Successful direct mail campaigns always target a very specific audience. For example, Ferrari owners, women who have previously purchased business wear, high school chemistry teachers or men in their 50s who have dyed their hair. The campaign needs to be targeted at specific groups of people, so remember to be accurate.

Lastly, don’t forget to cover all aspects of the transaction. Complete the sales message and explain why the product will benefit that specific consumer. The direct mail should always stay within the branding of the company and product. Follow through with any promises made in the mailer and ensure that the customers are satisfied after they make a purchase.

Direct mail advertising may face many barriers in today’s technological era, but if your campaign can stand out from the crowd, it is more likely to incite action and a response from consumers. It is still a relevant and valuable promotional tool for business, so don’t ignore the reach of direct mail.

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