Print advertising still in top 10 consumer touchpoints
Date: 16/07/2019
Writer: Danie

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) has released its latest research results. They used the global touchpoints model to analyse 23 consumer touchpoints and found that print advertising is still in the top 10. This means that print is still a viable way to reach an audience.

The research was conducted in seven major metropolitan areas and had 1000 respondents. The results show that print advertising scored highly when it came to key consumer touchpoints in paid-for, owned and earned categories.

“It is the responsibility of the PRC, through numerous investigations and research, to provide irrefutable proof that reading, whether online or on paper, delivers the highest brand cognition and recall,” says Pete Langschmidt, consultant to the PRC. The PRC has proven that the written word delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.

Touchpoint survey is an indicator of brand loyalty

The main aim of the PRC’s touchpoint survey is to establish which marketing methods resonate with audiences. It looks at the interaction with various touchpoints to see how brand loyalty is earned.

Brand loyalty is a powerful indicator of purchase behaviour; the fact that more Toyotas and VWs are sold every month than any other brand of car shows how brand loyalty is a valuable asset. Brand loyalty is sometimes more important that word-of-mouth or paid-for advertising when it comes to sales.

The PRC research survey asked respondents whether they recall experiencing various touchpoints and the quality of these interactions. This process allows researchers to see how touchpoint experiences can impact a consumer’s attitude towards a brand.

The results show that print advertising, such a posters and written articles, have a high recall rate amongst consumers. People read magazines and newspapers every day. They also encounter numerous banners, posters, flyers and brochures on a daily basis.

Good synergy between print and television

The PRC research indicates that print is actually the second highest paid-for touchpoint after television. This stands to reason as most advertisers and brands opt for these two marketing strategies first, along with digital. Brands will approach print and TV media outlets to advertise their products.

The research suggests that print is a highly efficient form of advertising as it delivers five times more impact for its investment than radio (i.e. the return on investment is five times higher with print campaigns). Although print only gets a 3.8% share of advertising spend in South Africa, it delivers 19.5% of the impact for a brand.

Print campaigns work especially well when aligned with television. A combination of print and TV advertising can yield a 17% increase in impact. “In almost every instance the television and print combination provides a better impact than a television/radio combination,” says Langschmidt.

“The PRC has been investigating the inherent strengths of the written word for a few years now. This ‘Touchpoint’ research goes a long way in proving that print is an extremely efficient medium, particularly in the automotive category and when combined with a platform like television delivers exceptional results,” he concludes.

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