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experts in the fields of Communications Publishing Health & Beauty Packaging Tourism & Hospitality Agricultural Developments Non Profit Organizations Retail

With over two decades of experience, Flame has assimilated the best advantages from various agency models. Flame now offers the combined knowledge and experience of a collaborative team of experts in the creative field. With diverse and expert skills, plus a 360-degree vision.

We ensure your best brand growth while monetising results. From storytelling to visual direction, we have on board the most seasoned and ardent independent experts in the following fields: copywriting, scriptwriting, photography, directing, graphic design, book design, brand strategy, specialist web design, digital online marketing, songwriting, voice artists (radio and TV), sound and video production, spatial solutions consulting (signage, lights, bespoke installation projects), as well as traditional public relations (online and social media).

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Flame Design is making it’s mark through the pursuit of quality and expert pooled skills.

The new, sharply focused Flame Design is a multi-disciplinary guild of independent creative specialists, offering a cost-effective value chain that provides top-notch solutions in for your business goals.

Our diverse client mix reflects the following sectors primarily: Communications & Media, Publishing, Health & Beauty, Packaging, Tourism & Hospitality, Environmental and Sustainable Agricultural Developments, Non Profit Organizations and Retail. We provide individualised attention and nurture close client relationships. We believe that each individual contributes towards the success of the final product. We strive to breathe these values through our work at all times.

Danie profile

Daniël is an accomplished creative director, producer, photographer and designer, with an up-to-date understanding of integrated communication strategies. His long-standing creative career in visual and brand communication in the fields of radio, television, video, online, print and publishing spans almost three decades. He has degrees in graphic design (honours) and fine arts, as well as professionally accredited diplomas in marketing, social media and photography. 

Sue Anderson profile

Sue has a diverse background in Public Relations, communication and marketing. She brings boundless energy, passion, meticulous detail, negotiation, professional insight and proud reputation to the table. Through her association with a number of corporates, she has been appointed as manager for the Atlas Foundation in South Africa. Sue also represents a number of sporting legends and serves on the management team for 10’s sport series events.

Trevor profile

Trevor is a specialist in high-end digital post-production, he has been producing and directing quality video and film productions for nearly three decades. Trevor teams up with senior post production partner, Steven Versvelt. Trevor’s list of credits includes both international and local productions. “The scale and scope of a project does not impact on my enthusiasm and commitment” – Trevor

Janine profile

A seasoned web designer, Janine has grown her business through the power of word-of-mouth, thanks to her commitment to creating personalised digital experiences. She believes in the importance of one-on-one interactions with clients to ensure that each website not only meets their functional needs but also authentically represents the tone of their business. 

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