“It is our privileged duty to bring
concepts to life through revealing
compounded truth and beauty.”

– Daniël Jansen van Vuuren
We have years of experience in traditional and online publishing. Flame Design also offers visual services such as photography and illustration for books. From book covers and layout to everything in between, Flame Design is suited to turning words into a tangible product.
We specialise in a number of publishing fields – both traditional and online. Our publishing services include magazine, educational, fiction, non-fiction, art books, epublishing, online journals and reading applications for Apple and Android, to name a few. Over the past two decades, many exciting changes have taken place in the publishing industry. The major external influence has been the internet and the rise of computer technology. These paved the way for the possibility of self-publishing and other technology-driven innovations.
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Whether you need traditional or digital publishing services, Flame Design is
perfectly suited to bringing ideas into existence and distributing them to audiences.

Let us bring your imagination to life.